About Us

Our Story.

Small, honest beginnings. Steady, sustained growth. A circle of ever-expanding, committed stakeholders and ever-growing loyal customer base, making us today one of the most trusted brands across demographics in the country.

From a modest home-grown venture to a New Age company with cutting-edge production units, state-of- the-art machinery and path-breaking research and development tools, the JNR journey is the stuff of not only stories, but of legend.


JNR Quality Products

For us, Quality is God. And God, they say, is in the details.

Our Promise

The very first quality check takes place at the time of procuring raw materials, the next when the materials enter our plants. The raw materials then undergo cleaning, sorting, grading, low-temperature grinding and state-of- the-art packaging, all of which are preceded and followed by stringent quality checks.

It is this no-compromise attitude towards quality that gives us the confidence to promise you the best and bring you the pures.